Chef Jimmy J

Chef Jimmy J is an executive chef, consultant, director of culinary arts, chef instructor, recipe and menu developer. He has more than 30 years of experience in the food and culinary industry, including working in WORLD CLASS RESORTS to name a few, El Nido Resorts and Club Paradise in Palawan, Red Coconut Beach Resort in Boracay etc. He worked also in a Head Of Diplomatic Mission, Being the Head Chef Of The British Embassy where he served 2 Ambassadors, He was once the Family Chef of some Dignitary Personalities like the Lopez Family, of the Lopez Conglomerates, Ernest Escaler of Gourmets Cafe and Escaler Group of Companies. He worked also at The Moomba Group Foods Corp. as their Executive Chef and Operations Manager for several years and part of the pre-opening team that open their several restaurants including Moomba’s Cafe Veggies, The Vegetarian Restaurant. He is now connected at ROCCA @ TORRE VENEZIA SUITES as their EXECUTIVE CHEF CONSULTANT.
NOTE: website is down already and I use web archive.
Scope of Work:
I create the Logo, Website Design, Responsive Web Design using Twitter Bootstrap and Site Development using WordPress.

Why Go Responsive site design?



Mobile devices are now dominating the market. Every person wanted to check they’re facebook page, tweet instantly, share they’re photos in instragram, check-in in foursquare, chat using instant messenger and more. When we need to book a flight, find a fine dining restaurant, looking for nearest gig and search for your private stuffs. We use our mobile device at hand. In short, its now part of our daily life. It’s a necessity.

And where do we see responsive design in the picture? Right now, we commonly use mobile devices to search places, foods, gigs and etc where responsive design is part of it. On my opinion, it’s better if your site is mobile compatible already and recommended if its responsive design. Why? Because it’s easier to maintain the site, the content is much readable and your target market benefits on it too.

If you are interested to go to responsive web design, here are the links that might help you:


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Scope of Work:
The concept of this design is comfortable, readable, easy to navigate, balancing the content on the website design and consistency of fonts. Instead highlighting the call to acton button, I make the important messages be highlighted.
I use a pre processor CSS called LESS to make it re-usable, neat, optimize and easier to read the code.
I also design the logo that is currently used on this site.