About Me


<h1>“Hello World!”</h1>

I’m Jamison Rea a Freelance Responsive Web Designer, Front End Developer based in Manila, Philippines – who loves to create design with identity.

For the past six years, I juggle between website design and Front End Development in different web agencies. Each site I develop is built to be search engine friendly, using the latest development principles and techniques.

In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, anime, reading books and eating pasta!


What I can do for you

I specialize in Website Design and Front End Development work, like:


Interface Design:

GUIs for websites, branding, logos and advertisement banner


wireframes, mockups, flows, usability optimization

Front-End Coding:

semantic and SEO optimized code using plain CSS/CSS3 or pre-procesor LESS/SASS, HTML/HTML5, a bit of jQuery to bring things to life and Twitter Bootstrap. Converting Design to php/ groovy and grails.


design and build Content Management System (WordPress, Pyro CMS and Liferay Portal CE) powered websites.

Mobile Design:

mobile-responsive websites.

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